Working according with the ACOP L8

Working according with the ACOP L8
Wales, UK
Cooling Tower

The Problem

A factory from Wales had performance problems with a cooling tower of 3 cells, which was affecting the day to day running of the tower. They wscreenshot_4anted to have the cooling tower cleaned during the shutdown of their factory, meaning they were on a time limit.

The situation of the packing (infill) was so bad that it was necessary to remove the packing, clean it and then refit the packing. The factory asked the original company to come and complete the works but was unable to, that’s when Clever Engineering was contacted.

The Solution

Clever Engineering carried out the work. The packing was extremely fouled with scale which made it very difficult to remove, we lifted out the separate cells one by one, cleaning and refitting. We removed tscreenshot_5he drift eliminators too, and stacked in an area for separate cleaning.

When we were removing the packing we also inspected the water distribution pipework. This was found to be almost completely blocked with deposits (it appeared to be a combination of scale, silt and oil, which resulted in a black sludge). We decided that each pipe would be cut in half, the deposits removed and then the pipe re fitted using a flexible rubber seal.

Follow Up

The factory has given us good feedback and are happy with the cleaning we carried out, the cooling tower is working better and Clever Engineering have scheduled activities for the future.

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