DuctSox (U.S) and Aero Textile Concept (European) provide attractive and cost effective air distribution systems manufactured from fabric, which provide better air dispersion than traditional metal ductwork in many applications.

The entire fabric duct system is a diffuser, so air can be discharged over the occupied space  far more efficiently – meaning a simplified design, less ductwork and of course superior air dispersion. All of this results in greatly reduced installation times.

Aero Textile Concept offer a cost effective, high quality range of air distribution solutions which compete very well in the Commercial and Industrial sectors.

Additionally, Ductsox provide a number of unique products which are designed for  hallenging environments such as Laboratories and Underfloor heating and cooling applications, all designed to optimise performance and reduce energy requirements

Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduced waste on jobsite
  • Less packaging / easier to ship
    to jobsite
  • Less energy required for installation (equipment & labour)

Economic Benefits:

  • Reduced construction costs
  • Higher asset value / total cost
  • Improved employee productivity and satisfaction

Health & Community Benefits:

  • Better air dispersion.
  • Reduced noise from equipment – and absorbs noise from space
  • Easier to clean – improved hygiene


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